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    Which version of php to use ??

    On my last computer (running win98) I used php-4.2.1-win32 and didnt have any problems beyond having to install and uninstall apache a couple of times before it would work.

    Now I consider myself new to computers and even newer to php and I'm now running XP and all I want is to host a site and use my computer for testing,learning about security and writing secure scripts etc.My preference would be to host a site on my own computer.

    Based on the above what would you guru's recommend:

    (CGI binary plus server API versions for Apache, Apache2 (experimental), ISAPI, NSAPI, Servlet and Pi3Web. MySQL support built-in, many extensions included, packaged as zip)


    CGI only, MySQL support built-in, packaged as Windows installer to install and configure PHP, and automatically configure IIS, PWS and Xitami, with manual configuration for other servers. N.B. no external extensions included)

    I will be using:
    MySql-3.23.54win /Apache_1.3.27_win32x86_no_src

    Also, at the end of the description for each application there is: md5: a64138b56c49df8a2b4ff099a6ee0611
    Whats that about ??

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