I am putting this out there to try and garner some opinion from the community to help me make a decision about my current problem.

I was contracted to make a website for a 3rd party by 2 people who where paying the 3rd party for services by helping to rework the website. One of the duo would concentrate on rewriting the page content whilst the other was to offer up the design for the site. I was then to translate the design to code and help to fill out the content with that supplied.

As you would expect, I gave a discount on my normal pricing since these two rather time consuming tasks were taken out of my hands. The problems I have stem from the fact that the 'content writer' isnt a content writer and the 'designer' is a student of product design; this is their first website design.

Initially I was unaware, until late in to the implementation; that 90% of the design work has been plagiarised from a major brands website, its quite noticeable although not a major problem it is enough to make me concerned about whether to put my name at the bottom of the site.

The problem I have now is that they are attempting to make me implement design aspects that I do not agree with and that I feel will be detrimental to the site and problematic to the visitors.

The major point that I am contesting is that they want the 'main page content to appear in a small box at the bottom left of the screen; more or less the footer. This content is to start in a 'hidden' state and it is down to the user to 'click to reveal' the content. I have tried until I am blue in the face to make them see sense but I just keep getting met with the same instructions for that aspect of the design; something I have refrained from implementing thus far. Their excuse is that they believe that people who are actually interested in the site content will interact with these elements revealing the content, essentially providing a barrier for anyone else.

I have also argued that these elements will be detrimental to mobile and tablet visitors, again and opinion they have brushed aside.

I am at the point now where I am ready to approach the actual site owner and attempt to get full control over the site and its design and essentially cut out those who are in my opinion trying to harm the site; even though they have good intentions.

I wanted to ask the community at large for some general advice on how you would handle this if you were in a similar situation?