I have a ServInt Signature VPS dedicated server ( CentOS 5 - i386 (32-bit), WHM/CPanel). This server is just for our website so I am trying to max out the number of emails I can send per hour.

My current "email per hour" settings for CPanel is UNLIMITED. When I have a few thousand emails in the queue, based on my calculations it is sending about 26 emails per minute or 1560 emails per hour, this is fine but I would like to send more/faster.

The excellent crew at ServInt mentioned I might be able to increase the servers output by changing some "exim.conf" settings. Does anyone have any info on what settings have to be changed in this file? I am interested in doubling or tripling my email output because while we are sending out marketing to opt-in clients, our outbound email is clogged for sometimes up to 20 hours as we send out 30,000 emails to our clients.

Please advise!