I have a voting booth on one of my websites as a contest. I have cookies set so when you vote, you shouldn't be able to vote again for a week.

Ok, people like to turn off cookies and vote and vote.

so, I set it up to check IP address, then made a log to track who was voted for, date, time, IP and IP information. Well, since AOL likes to constantly changing IP address (I think, need back up on that), It still lets people on AOL vote over and over ... look at this:

#1|29-12-02 17:40||AC89FEA0.ipt.aol.com
#1|29-12-02 17:42||AC89EFB1.ipt.aol.com
#1|29-12-02 17:44||AC857D93.ipt.aol.com

Is this AOL changing IP address? I get like 30 of these in a row with like very slight change in IP address.

If so, how can I keep this from happening? Any insight?

Oh, I program in PHP is why I am posting here .. not sure if this would fit better in another catagory.