Hi, it's been awhile since I was last here at the forums ... Sitepoint has been redesigned ... again LOL.

I've been using Matt's Script FormMail form script for forms such as contact us for my clients for a year or so without any problems.

However, this time, I do have a problem and I am not sure why.

Problem: Click on submit and the form redirects to the formmail.cgi instead of the thank you page. Never had this happen before.


a) I do test using my personal email address that is at a different domain than the client's website. I've done this successfully with all the forms I create. So there shouldn't be a problem this time.

b) I am doing 2 different forms on this website (which I've done before, so quantity of forms isn't an issue): Contact and Submissions.

c) Contact form is standard and short. The redirect problem happens on this form also.

d) Submissions form is a bit more complicated than I usually create and also has the added feature of adding photos. THAT might be messing up that form, but doesn't account for the problem happening with the Contact us form.

e) Both forms validate (well, there's one minor issue with the contact form, but shouldn't be causing this problem).

Submissions form: http://www.modeltalentsearchgroup.com/submissions.php
Contact form: http://www.modeltalentsearchgroup.com/contact.php

So, what do you think is wrong?
If I'm using an out-of-date script, what form mail script do you suggest? Naturally, one that is easy to setup like this one was would be preferable.