Anyone on here have their hosting through HostMonster? I'm pulling my hair out trying to get their raw access logs to work... I can download them and extract them without problems but when I try to read them, I see nothing but gibberish in EditPlus, Notepad; whatever I use. It's not meaningful HEX, some form of web encoding--it's just gibberish.

So I decided to call HostMonster and finally got a hold of someone who later in the support discussion asked whether I have a Windows or a Mac machine. I told him I'm running a Windows 7 machine and after being placed AGAIN on hold, he later came back to tell me that they were unable to replicate the issue and that everything is extracting and looking okay on their end. Without saying it, he basically implied that I was SOL and never said anything henceforth. Gee, okay.

So obviously at this point, I'm pretty frustrated. I then asked him if he tried this on one of his Windows 7 machines that I assumed they had... Guess what? They don't have a single Windows machine. Not one! I guess I've been under a rock because where I come from, every IT company should have at least 1 Windows machine despite whatever stigma Windows users have within the Linux crowd. That's like IT 101 is it not? Needless to say, I'm ready to leave HostMonster. What a joke.

In the meantime, I'd love some possible suggestions to try in opening these files. The guy from HostMonster said he was using Ubuntu on his side... So I loaded up my Ubuntu VM, attempted to open the files in both GUI and console--still no dice--and this time, when trying to use the archive manager to extract the *.GZ file, the archive manager complained about the encoding type! So it's like I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. I'm beginning to wonder if some hacker has pulled a slick one over on their IT staff or something...

Does anyone have any suggestions here? I tried to even use "gzip -d archive.gz" to extract the file onto the server and then view this file FROM the server... STILL NO DICE! It really makes me wonder if they're seeing what they think they're seeing from HostMonster when they extract and view the file... Long story short, I've lost my trust of that company and I'm extremely frustrated at this point.

Any help / insight / whatever is appreciated. I'd also love suggestions for another host.