Hi there.

I'm having problems showing a vertical divider image between divs the proper way. Well, it shows, but elements are not properly positioned around it so far. I'm just starting to get the hang of :after and :before css selectors, but, definitely, I'm still only on the way to be 'flexible' or 'really creative' with them.

You can have a look at the 'project' here: http://jsfiddle.net/ucnxV/

It is the last css declaration I don't seem to write effectively.:
.movil:before, .local:before {content:url(../imges/vert-divider.png); display:inline; position:relative; top:0px; left:-80px; width:2px; height:61px;}
I know I might try combining left-borders and right-borders to get a similar divider result, but I'd like it to be the image in this case.

Any help will be much appreciated.