Hi there,

I am having a small and very annoying problem with Tumblr. I have customised a Theme so that I can use it as an online portfolio however I am having some trouble positioning a "Pages" iFrame (if it even is an iFrame).

As you can see here www.ellekorhalillerweb.tumblr.com , when you click on "Information" an iFrame shows a different page of content using Tumblr's "Pages" function.. I would like to have this content centered on the page but for some reason Tumblr is keeping it left of the center.
I have tried everything I can in CSS with positioning and am just baffled by this seemingly easy, obvious problem. I am wondering if it has anything to do with some Tumblr Script or other Javascript that is used on this theme?
I have tried to use Mozilla Inspect Element to inspect which DIV is stopping this content from being centered but I can't seem to find where this is coming from.

Any help would be much appreciated!