Hello peeps,

Something that has always plagued me and instead of guessing, im interested to know how others handle or avoid these situations.

Probably one of the biggest things i dont like about my job is trying to get the right information from the client to do my job. I have used different tactics and currently what i thought was good is not converting the way i thought it would. Currently i have a system in place where i require content upfront before i even start my job. This i know many do so im taking this approach to avoid problems later in the process. The problem is anything that requires some time from the client i am finding they procrastinate too long, could take weeks to get information from them that really if they cared enough and were helpful would take at most a few hours of their time.

So basically i have a bunch of projects that are at the stage of waiting for content but they are at a standstill. I have repeatedly emailed them and even offered assistance if there is any holdups but they are just not cooperative. I understand people are busy but it really is no excuse when what your doing is of benefit for their business.

I would like my workflow to flow better and i want to try and avoid/overcome this holdup.

How do my other fellow web designers handle these types of situations that im sure we have all had in the past ?

Thanks in advance for your time and your responses.