Hi everyone,
I am using Adobe InDesign CS4 and Adobe Illustrator CS6 for Mac. Every now and then I will have some .png images that are being referenced into my designs. Unfortunately this becomes a pain when I want to organize my files and put them into different folders. After I organize my files and open up my .ai or .ind it sometimes will say "Please reference banner.png", etc and I need to re-locate that graphic file. It would be nice if I had all of my .ai files in an /_assets/ai/ folder with no .png files in there.. It just looks a lot cleaner in my opinion when it comes to organizing design files and I would rather not source .png's from an /_assets/png/ folder if I can help it.

So with that being said, is it possible to embed .png files directly into my .ai and .ind files? This would mean that I can move these files around wherever I please and the images go with them. What do you think? Is something like this doable and if not, how come? Or should I just have my "png" folder inside of my /_assets/ai/ folder like so? "/_assets/ai/_png/". Again, I would rather have all of my .ai files as one file with the full design in it rather than having the multiple files that are sometimes being referenced. I figured I should ask first to see if this can be done.

Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated.