Hi Guys,

I need your help please. I'm trying to load a URL like the following:


Now as you can see in the url i have the following:


Here is my code:

PHP Code:

if ( $lp == "1" ) {

if ( $lp == "2" ) {

if (isset(
$lp)) {
//do nothing
} else {

mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Oops theres an error, our highly trained monkeys have been notified.");

$query sprintf("SELECT URL FROM programs WHERE ID ='%s'",

mysql_query($query) or dies(mysql_error()); 
$result mysql_query($query);


$string =$url['URL'];
$string addslashes($string);
$urlgo=eval("\$string = \"$string\";");
header'Location: '.$string.'' ) ; 
There is more code than the above such as connecting the the database and variable setting but i the i think with the above you can see what im trying to do. But how ever when i try the URL above with the &lp=1 it just takes me to:


and not the URL thats in the script. Can someone help me please and tell me where im going wrong?

Thank you.