I can post up hundreds of examples of web design companies whose own sites show that they don't understand the basics of how to use CSS properly.
Inline styles throughout, never using descendant selectors, and instead creating new classes all over the place, sometimes using four or five styles on the same element, unbelievable.

I saw one site today (I forget the company) which had TWELVE closing divs in a row. Unbelievable. And none of them had a comment to explain which div it was closing.

Of course, the clients haven't got a clue, so can't be blamed, but maybe we should start a 'code of shame' site, where we can post up these companies' code, with the reasons why it's so bad.

ps Your text formatting icons are useless - why is the COLOUR 'icon' the letter A? Why not use a rainbow of colours - go on, live a little...