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    Grey text site of the month

    Looks like yet another site has gone down the route of 'Let's make the text as light as physically possible, while only JUST being able to see it'.

    Then they lose it when they get to the almost invisible links at the very bottom of the page.

    I see that even Sitepoint has become 'greyed', ridiculous grey border lines which might as well not be there, grey nav bar, ridiculous links all over the place which AREN'T CLEARLY LINKS, because they aren't underlined, and aren't in buttons, so it's impossible to tell, just by looking, what is a link, and what is a title.

    Hurrah for grey text! I no longer need to go for walks on the misty moors, or run a hot bath to make my bathroom full of steam, I can view my websites as if I'm looking through a mist!

    When is this stupid trend going to end? I see that grey border lines, which are almost invisible, is the 'new thing' among web designers...
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