Hello, I just got knowledge about Responsive Design one-two week(s) ago. Today, I just created a meaningless (really!) page to try responsive design. I want it so that it's also viewable in mobile phones.

It worked in my PC nicely, in different sizes. But when I moved to my android phone, I got scared because it wasn't working at all. I just moved my website files to my SD Card, then opened the folder in my phone and clicked "index.html". That's what I did but failed.

For your information, I have Samsung Galaxy Y Duos with Android version 2.3.6 (Gingerbread). I viewed the page with the default browser (coz I have no extra browser installed).

Can you please help me? Would you please test it in your handheld device, I will be very happy if you do it. Here's the files.

Practise Page_RES.zip