My question is exactly as the title states. I'm using a Wordpress theme that has a nice, pre-installed Java Script slide show. However, the slideshow will only display IF you have posts.. I would prefer the main index to be a designated landing page, not recent posts.. Actually I would prefer it to just be the slide show and nothing else!

Here's the code from index.php that calls the slide show when their are posts.. I'm not sure how-to exactly edit this line of code to basically just say "show the damn slide show no matter what!" Yes.. This is all the code in index.php:

PHP Code:
<?php get_header(); ?>
if (have_posts()) : ?>

<div id="index" class="post clearfix">

$wp_query->get'paged' );
$paged) { require( TEMPLATEPATH '/includes/slides.php'); } ?>

    <?php get_template_part'loop''entry'?>

<?php get_sidebar(); ?>
endif; ?>
<?php get_footer
(); ?>
That's it.. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


-scott g