min(array(48, 9, 52, 183));
I can find the smallest value in an Array with the code above which is helped by guido2004 and logic_earth in the former post.

Now I like to find the 2nd smallest value which is 48 in the Array.

I guess I have 2 ways.

The 1st way is that finding the 2nd smallest value directly if there is any code or function in PHP.

The other way is that creates a new Array with the removing or deleting the smallest value which is 9 in the Array.
The new Array will be newArray[48, 52, 183) and the code below will find my target value 48.
min(array(48, 52, 183));
How can I find the 2nd smallest value directly(the 1st way)?
How can I get remove an array value which is 9 for finding the second smallest value(the other way)?

How can I get my target result?