I have a number of websites built with a TwentyTen child theme that I'd like to make mobile for smartphones. At this time I'm not interested in making them responsive for tablets. Just mobile for smartphones.

The sites are fairly extensive so I guess I need to scale them down and only make certain pages mobile designed and ditch the rest. So that leads me to a few questions:

1. is it possible to create a mobile site that only has a small percentage of pages of the master site?

2. it seems the most popular plugin to make a site mobile is wptouch. but i'm not finding wptouch flexible enough in the design. so...
2A - is there a more flexible plugin that anyone suggests? preferably free.
2B - i know i can create mobile pages without a plugin. is it possible to have some pages of the mobile site created on my own and some created with wptouch? reason being, there's no way I could manually mobilize all the pages of an extensive site.

just looking for some direction here for a mobile newbie. please advise. thanks!