Hi, I have this piece of code that checks if a live stream of a game is live or not. If it is live then it posts the players name who is streaming on a list where people can click to see his/her stream. The problem I am having is though is that it takes forever to load the page (probably because it takes so long to check the players streams). I was wondering if there was any way I could speed up the process and still keep what I want which is only the live users. Please, if you could answer with ease as I am still very new to this.

PHP Code:
$streams = array( "meditor996""malidude""tacsecret""izual155""porkyhd""tachydro#""church_""tainttubes""kurimlinn""TacvFOX""tacpinkiepie""dkrstarcraft""chaoss tarcraft""thepandrexlive""zren89""1soulfire""sallvain""sg_goldster""adramelechii""dragon""dignitasselect""sing_sing""desrowfighting""eghuk""eg_idra""rootcatz""liquidsheth""spanishiwa""mtwdimaga""whitera""meditor996""colqxc""kraglord""tsm_dyrus""nyjacky""crs_saintvicious""tsm_theoddone""mstephano""protech""tacmoose" );

'<br><br><font color="white"><b>Live User Streams:</b></font>';  
foreach (
$streams as &$i) {
$chan "http://api.justin.tv/api/stream/list.json?channel=" $i;
$json = @file_get_contents($chan);
$exist strpos($json'name');
$exist) {

$channelName "$i"//Set this to the channel name - all lowercase
$json_file = @file_get_contents("http://api.justin.tv/api/stream/list.json?channel={$channelName}"0nullnull);
$json_array json_decode($json_filetrue);
if (
$json_array[0]['name'] == "live_user_{$channelName}")
$live true;
$live false;

/*$gameSTR = "(" . $game . ")";*/
$userLINK "<a href=\"http://www.twitch.tv/$i \" target=_blank title=$channelTitle style='color: #C0C0C0'>";

"<font style=tahoma color=white size=2>" "<br>" "&nbsp; " "&nbsp; " "&nbsp; " $viewers " " $gameSTR " " $userLINK $i "</a>" "</font>";



Thanks in advance