I am a "seasoned" MS Access developer now managing web-sites as well; I have searched far and wide but can not find an exact [or near] match to my puzzle.

I have a MySQL database on a web-host that feeds table data into a php web-page; the page displays a table of x40 Groups in multiple columns per row. I also have a drop-down box filter that allows users to select rows based upon a column cell that lists the day of the week that each Group takes place. Now, to enhance it, I need to allow users to select a Group table row and have the html page open for that Group, either in place of the php page "_top", or in a new tab "_blank" [no preference].

In .NET with SQLServer, I can have the table web-page open with a "Select" link on each row, and clicking that "Select" option opens the appropriate page based upon the content of a cell in that row. I need to do the same [or similar] in php.

Can this be done in php? If so, can anyone supply sample code or clues?

Many thanks in advance.
Dave B.