I got this issue with paypal. I used my brother's name when I set up an account because I didn't have a card at that time. I got some money to the said account though it hasn't been verified.

What happened is I tried to edit stuffs - add additional email ads and bank accounts.

what I didn't know from the beginning is that I could not send any money with an unverified account. I thought I just couldn't withdraw to a bank account. what I did was I tried to send the money ($200+) to another friend's paypal verified account. BUT, I couldn't do so since the account I used was still unverified. The money's trapped in there.

I have been contacting paypal since then, asking them to help me out. And so, I tried to urge my brother to get a debit card, which he was able to do so. But when I got back to paypal, they suddenly LIMITED the account!

Maybe because I tried to send some money out the last time - this was what I thought. The paypal representative advised to get a card to verify the account and so WE DID. After that, the account was verified BUT STILL LIMITED.

The next thing, I uploaded some documents for proof of address. After a day, I received an email that they've denied the appeal and they're closing the account! If there's any balance, they'll withhold it for 180 DAYS!

Seriously?! I have been contacting paypal for the whole duration of the matter. It has been 2 weeks! We tried to get a card, got the account verified, and now it's still limited, and they're with holding my money!

Totally disheartening! I have been trying to ask for help. I have been transparent with them with the whole situation and they just kept on sending auto responses and stuffs like that.

The resolution center doesn't show anything in there except for the uploaded files - no indications of how I could make an appeal to lift the limits.

What should I do? Like everybody else, I need money. I got bills to pay. I live outside the US, so that amount in there is pretty much decent to have some bills paid.

Paypal hasn't been responding appropriately. They're sending much autoresponses (totally garbage), and when they do respond, they info is not that satisfying.

What should I do? Should I just wait for 6 months? Is there someone else out there who experienced the same? Do you think I can still make an appeal in lifting the limits?

Hoping to hear from you guys.