I've recently launched PayVIN.com, which is a nifty PayPal tool to help freelancers and other PayPal users more easily accept one-off PayPal payments, while limiting the exposure of their PayPal email address.

Users register their VIN on the site for free. Each VIN is linked to a user's PayPal email address, and it acts as a router to their PayPal account.

For example, I would share my VIN (100100100) or link my clients to my PayVIN Profile to help them quickly initiate a PayPal payment directly to me. It's sort of like having a third-party hosted personal PayPal checkout page.

I would love to have some feedback about your initial impression of the design/layout, as well as how easily you understand the function of the site. There is a quick visual tour here: https://payvin.com/how-payvin-works.php

Thanks so much!