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    October Photo Challenge - VOTE NOW! Up Close and Personal


    Edited on November 2 by Shyflower: It's time to VOTE for your favorite photographer. Who was closest and most personal in their photo or photos? This month, we've listed our competitors with their post number(s) following their names. Either cast your vote based on the photo you liked best or the over all body of work contributed. The poll ends on Nov. 9

    The Challenge is to show us your favorite photographs that demonstrate Macro-Photograpy. The actual subject matter is left for your creativity.
    Our world looks very different when you examine it at a very close perspective.
    I have added a few examples here of flowers. This is an opportunity to experiment with Depth-of-Field and Framing to achieve interesting and captivating results.

    To participate in our challenges it is not necessary to possess or use any special equipment. If you own a fancy camera and want to get some practice with it, that is great. But you could simply use a cellphone camera if that is all you have.

    Remember that the camera is just a tool and let the artist in you USE that tool to expose your creativity.
    Let's see some creative, clever, imaginative, but never offensive in any way, photos of things at the closest.

    As always, you are to upload only photos that you have taken. This is not a challenge to see how skilled you are at using Search Engines to locate images.

    Yellows and Greens mix
    Bottle Brush in Florida (my front yard)
    Tulips in Georgia
    Emerging Bud in Spring
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