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    Rich Snippets for Video Content Question

    I hope this is the right forum for this. I am using rich snippets for videos on my Joomla site. I am using the rich snippet VideoObject item type from's microdata protocol and I've already done it for embedded vidoes. But in some cases I have thumbnails which the user clicks on to launch the video, and I don't know how to implement a rich snippet for this, or if it's even possible. All the examples I see on the web involve using the <object> style embed code. The situation I am describing just uses an "href". Here is the code that I am using now to launch the video:

    <a rel="width[854];height[480]" class="jcepopup" href=";amp;byline=0&amp;amp;portrait=0&amp;amp;&amp;autoplay=true" target="_blank"><img src="images/site/every%2015%20minutes.png" alt="Educational Video" style="margin-right: 10px;" height="84" width="149" /></a>

    My original web designer created this. I've been learning a lot and changing things on my site with a fair amount of success, but this situation flummoxes me. It's not an embed situation, so does this simply mean I can't use rich snippets here?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Hi CFaber. Welcome to the forums.

    I don't know what "rich snippets" mean, and I'm not quite clear what you are trying to do here. Can you post a link to your site, identifying what you want to change / what you want to have happen?


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