• Multi Domain SSL Certificate
  • Linux Server
  • PHP5+
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth, MySql DBs and Addon Domains
SSL is mentioned first because this is most important. This is not a single domain or wildcard SSL cert. It's relatively new and unique. It's for the purpose of securing multiple domains on one account without having to have an entirely separate hosting account, dedicated IP and SSL cert for every single domain (which is what traditionally had to be done and obviously can get very expensive if you run many websites).

BlueHost/HostMonster - This is what I currently use and is perfect in every way except their system does not support multi-domain certs and they have no intentions of adding such support.

Please share hosts that meet the criteria and share a personal note about your experience with the company.

List of Hosts that Meet the Criteria

HostGator - Tested and was not very pleased with the overall user experience. Didn't have the ease of use and control I'm used to with BlueHost/HostMonster.