I have a "config" file where I define...

	// Base URL (**Virtual Location)
	define('BASE_URL', ENVIRONMENT === 'development'
					? 'http://local.debbie'
					: 'http://www.MySite.com');
I have been using this Constant with great success over the past year or so.

However, now I want to incorporate it into a Function that I am working on, and I'm not sure how its scope works?!

Here is my current Function...
PHP Code:
function generateURL($section){
$url 'http://local.debbie/' $section '/articles/';

What do I need to do to replace that static URL with reference to my Constant so that when I switch between "Development" and "Production", everything still works"

Can my Constant - defined in my "config" file - be seen INSIDE my Function? (Or do I need to pass it into the Function? Or something else?)