Hey guys, so I'm a little new to CMS stuff and it's a little confusing. I have a lot of questions but for clarity's sake I'll focus on one or two. So I have the site designed, all the HTML and CSS is done/tested for most of the pages. But I may need to shift around elements of the design within certain pages over time to test out conversion rates and what not. The content itself is static. So I'm looking towards wordpress or drupal to get the job done. As I understand it a CMS site is not stored on the web server but pieces of it are stored in a database and dynamically put together as a page is requested (How this affects the URL or any SEO done to the site remains a mystery to me).

So what are the general guidelines for converting a design into a wordpress or drupal theme? From what I've read so far, it seems as simple as wrapping certain DIVs around php code-- Any best practice guide out there? And how do you edit these themes? Do you simply just update the CSS/HTML and delete the current theme and reupload the updated version, or what? And how does this affect page speed/google analytics? Are more requests made, page loading slowed down? As far as I know it shouldn't affect the google code. I mean if you put it in the header and that part of the header is used over and over again then there's no affect. The CMS doesn't affect the source code, but rather divides it into pieces so certain parts can be used over and over again.

Any advice? I should probably go with drupal too right?