Currently when I go on a call to a prospective client I bring with me a folder consisting of the following:

+ 3-5 print outs of recent designs I'm proud of
+ 2 page feature & benefit list of "What's Included With Every website We Build"
+ A one page document entitled "What Your Website Should be Doing For Your Business"
+ A one page document entitled "10 Way to Supercharge Your Website in 24 Hours"
+ My business card

I toss this all in a white folder and leave this for each client that I meet with.

It seems effective but I'm not convinced it leaves the client with the most professional impression of myself and my company. After all, each item (except the business card) is just printed from the in-office inkjet about 20 minutes before leaving for the meeting.

I would like to spruce up the entire package but I'm unsure what would be the best way to do that. I thought about an 8 page booklet, but obviously those would have to be pre-printed and wanted to get some other thoughts before committing to that. Can anyone give some ideas or lend some insight into what you leave behind with your prospective clients?