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    GoDaddy Security Problem

    GoDaddy has always (?) been held in high regard as a registrar and I believe that's still true (despite what seems to be significant annoyance at upselling attempts) but their hosting has been hammered by at least 90% of SitePoint members who have used them as their host.

    Recently (12 Sep 2012), GoDaddy suffered a massive outage and there are different opinions as to the cause. This article is the first I've seen discussing the outage and only validates the concerns over their hosting abilities. Read then you be the judge.

    [aside]TechRepublic is a website with great techie articles - and it's worthwhile to subscribe to.[/aside]


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    GoDaddy is essentially a marketing company, not a technical company. I don’t think they care about providing good service or really care about technical issues until it impacts their bottom-line. This is the perception of them I’ve gained from years of having to work with them to help support various clients. Personally I think they need to do a better job with security.

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    I moved all my domains away from godaddy a while ago. This just confirms that it was the right move.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Force Flow View Post
    I moved all my domains away from godaddy a while ago. This just confirms that it was the right move.
    Yes good move

    Nice article DK and TechRepublic does have surprisingly good articles.

    The cloud is about advantages but it also represent significant risk to secure type of data. I find that too often people are all or nothing about hosting and lately with so much buzz and momentum around 'Cloud Computing' that we seen more 'all in' than caution. I have play sandboxes, and some static non database driven sites on the cloud. I've worked with companies to put their content images, audio and test onto CDN servers but keep all important user and financial details on a very private non-cloud network. It is nice that we live in a world where we don't have to have all our services for 1 site to exist in the same place, so my important data can stay better than average protected and I get the performance and lack of latency rewards of having this in the cloud; not an 'all in' play but finding the best use in today's world.



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