Hi all,

I'm trying to create a function that neatly takes an image upload from my form and resizes as needed and then saves to a new permanent location. I referenced another thread in here by nbewley(imagecopyresized() question)

I can't seem to get the path correctly defined as imagejpeg($dst, $upload_filename) , shows error "No such file or directory". I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Unless my use of the image functions here are the real issue. I haven't done this before.

Here's my function:

PHP Code:
function img_process($imagedetails$src_image$upload_dir){
//$imagedetails - result of getimagesize($src_image)     - this function called if image is jpg
    //$src_image = $_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'];        - from form upload
    //$upload_dir     var_dump shows "/home/tacres01/public_www/w1_uploads/"
$width $imagedetails[0];
$height $imagedetails[1];
//This will be used to determine if the file needs to be made smaller
$max_dim 600;
    if (
$width $max_dim || $height $max_dim){
//New dimensions are required and determined here
$ratio $width/$height;
        if (
$ratio 1){
$dst_width $max_dim;
$dst_height $max_dim/$ratio;
        } else {
$dst_height $max_dim;
$dst_width $max_dim*$ratio;
    } else {
$dst_width $width;
$dst_height $height;
//load old image and map to new
$src imagecreatefromjpeg($src_image);
$dst imagecreatetruecolor($dst_width$dst_height);
//generate unique name for new file
$now time();
file_exists($upload_filename $upload_dir $now '-' $_FILES['userfile']['name'])) {
    //save new image
if(imagejpeg($dst$upload_filename80)) {
'Image Saved';
    } else {
'Not Saved';

And for further information I'll show you guys how I'm trying to define the correct path in my config.inc.php file:
PHP Code:
$config['app_dir'] = dirname(dirname(__FILE__)); //                             "/home/tacres01/public_www/w1fma"
$config['upload_dir'] = dirname($config['app_dir']) . '/w1_uploads/'//      "/home/tacres01/public_www/w1_uploads/" 
The dir /w1_uploads/ does exist and has the correct permissions for writing set. It is one level above what I've defined as the 'app_dir'

I really hope I'm just being very stupid and I'm missing something obvious.

Any help from you smart people will be very much appreciated.