Hi im hoping someone could help me with this minor format issue in an excel report generated from asp page using 'objFSO.CreateTextFile'.

This is part of the code im using:
	oFiles.WriteLine("" & rsData("field1") & "," & rsData("field2") & "," & rsData("field3") & "," & rsData("field4") & "," & rsData("field5") & "," & rsData("field6") & ",  "& rsData("field7") &", "& rsData("field8") &", "& rsData("field9") &"")
Essentially it is only 'field9' that is giving a problem.

The data for field9 is stored in an access database in a memo field. The data in there is addresses that are up to 5 lines.

In the database the data is organised but when i use objFSO to output the data into an excel spreadsheet the first line of the address is in one cell and the other lines are in other cells!

Ideally these address lines need to be in one cell just like how it is in the database.

Any clues or ideas on what I can do please?

I have also tried using the replace function to replace any line breaks or spaces but still no joy!

Grateful for any advice and tips please?