I have already learnt basics of web design (HTML, CSS, JQuery). It is true that there is a blood relation between Web Design and Graphics Design .

I am a hobbyist web designer, means not professional. I have seen that in every background of eye pleasing web design, there is a good dozen of work for graphics using Photoshop, Illustrator or Inkscape.

But unfortunately, I don't have the least knowledge about graphics design. Tried few books but none of them were for beginner's. For example, I tried out "Inkscape: Guide to a vector drawing program", but it wasn't surely for beginner's.

Maybe I have the creativity to create graphics, but not the skills. Is graphic designing really necessary to do web designing? Isn't there any other way? What can I do to overcome my disappointment? I am only 16 years old, can't find anything or anyone to help me. I am not even able to create a simple noisy texture or a tiling background, not even an eye-pleasing logo.