The question is mostly for web-designers who work in England.

I am aware of 2 beliefs — one group of designers refuse to code and are claiming that front end developer =/= web designer. Another group is saying something like "So you just draw stuff in photoshop? thats not web design man!".

What do you think?
I consider myself a designer (mostly web) and i am about to dive deep into front end dev since i am willing to move to London (living outside of EU atm) sooner or later. But when i think about front end dev — there are so much stuff! Lets say i can code basic stuff with html5 and css, but its so much bigger then that — js script, jQuery, various CMSs, some people would like you to know php as well. And then there is flash with action script which a good designer should probably know as well.

I mean... i feel like i will never be as good as the front end developer who is sitting next to me right — the guy didnt draw a single line in his entire life and he only does code. Is it is easy to find a job in uk if you dont code? Can you expect bigger salary if you do code?

ty =)