I own several two letter domain names under the TLD .tc so (xx.tc for example).I registered them originally in March 2007.

When I registered them, and at the time the pricing was $59.00USD per year.

However, they have just announced that from now (without even a notice period by the sounds of it!) renewals will cost 3000+VAT. This is a price hike of well over 1000%!

See: http://iwantmyname.com/blog/2012/08/...extension.html for more info.

Now this wouldn't be much of a problem (Although, frustrating!) but for the past five years my primary email address, the one I use for pretty much everything has been on a two letter .tc domain because it's quick to type as well as the one ALL my contacts have.

The domain will need to be renewed in march next year at a cost of 3600. Obviously I cannot afford that, let alone every year!

Is there any legal basis for me to challenge this?!

I can see how they would be allowed to start charging new registrations at any price they want... but renewal of existing ones? That can't be right, surely?!

I don't mind paying more, but to go from under 50 a year to 3600 is just plain wrong.

Any advice? Is there any other TLD that has done this in the past and set a similar precedent? I imagine if ICANN or Nominet suddenly did this they wouldn't be allowed!