Kind of tough to put into words, so I'll do my best.

I have a 'members' table:
Code HTML4Strict:
member_id     name           spouse_name     birth_date     spouse_birth_date     email                spouse_email
12345         John Doe       Jane Doe        1950-10-10     1951-12-10            [email][/email]     [email][/email]
12346         Jeff Smith     Peggy Smith     1975-05-21     1975-03-14            [email][/email]     [email][/email]
12347         Glenn Geiger                   1975-05-31                           [email][/email]

I need to SELECT a LIKE search for the 'name' or the 'spouse_name', and display the results in a HTML table. The tricky part (for me) is to list each match (name or spouse) on it's own row, and order them together:

Code HTML4Strict:
member_id     name           birth_date      email
12345         John Doe       1950-10-10      [email][/email]
12345         Jane Doe       1951-12-10      [email][/email]
12346         Jeff Smith     1975-05-21      [email][/email]
12346         Peggy Smith    1975-03-14      [email][/email]
12347         Glenn Geiger   1975-05-31      [email][/email]

I haven't a clue how to do this in one query, but if need be I could do it in 2.
Any suggestions are appreciated as always.