I am very annoyed with kindle books by Sitepoint that I purchased via amazon. The content is as expected but the entire text is BOLD. Another peculiar point is that when I manipulate the pages or sometimes click internal links the font inside the current chapter turns back to normal. Problem is that whenever I start reading new chapter the font is back to bold.

Currently I have 3 books by Sitepoint:

Simply SQL
PHP Anthology
PHP&MySQL: Novice to ninja

ALL of them are messed up in this way.

Seriously, I think I would get better results by downloading a PDF torrent and converting it to ePub. Why do I have to pay for books where I have to worry about formatting more than content?

NB! This formatting is on all my devices: iPad 3, iPhone 4s and MacBook Pro.

Below is the screenshots of one of hundreds badly formatted pages.