I thought id try and get some more info and hopefully help people who are looking for crowdfunding scripts.
I had a customer come to us with a out of the box solution crowdfunding site for wordpress, however this ended up being a pain for customisation and the customer wanted to many features.

I then unfortunatly bought GuruScripts Money executive script, this was supplied to us of which after several days we realised none of the backend worked in core files, there was no withdraw funds, cms pages were limited, emails were not sent or even created and what code was supplied was only 70% complete and has thousands of referances all to guruscript as well as major spelling mistakes throughout the code. after all support email were ignored we had out bank do a reverse charge. SO Please dont waste your money on this!

I then hired a freelancer who was to fix the script and after 10 days he backed out with no warning or explination. ( however this could have nothing tomdo with the work, as he wanted payment via western union before work had even started)

I am now however looking at fundraiserscript.com, although i will want major css changes the core functions look like what i need, Has anyone used this script, is it supplied and useable?
I am pretty handy at PHP and CI, but dont want to have to fix broken scripts if i dont need to or id go the open source option?
sorry for the long post but Help would be appreciated as im running out of time and need to get this done, and coding from scratch isn't an option now!!!