The gremlins are really after me tonight?!

Any idea what might be "squishing" the thumbnail in this screen-shot?? (It should be twice as high as it is wide.)

Attachment 60683

Here is the HTML related to it...
HTML Code:
	<td class='colThumbnail'><a href='/articles/consider-becoming-an-s-corporation'><img src="/images/S-Corp.png" width="100" alt="Picture: S-Corp.  Credit: John Doe, Wikimedia Commons." title="Picture: S-Corp.  Credit: John Doe, Wikimedia Commons." /></a></td>
	<td class='colArticleThread'><a href='/articles/consider-becoming-an-s-corporation'>Consider Becoming an S-Corporation</a></td>
The only thing that might have changed is the HTML that is stored in my database. (No code or CSS was changed.)

Maybe this is another area where mucking around in my database tonight screwed things up?!

Could it be an issue of whether I use Single Quotes or Double Quotes??