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    Extensions missing for PHP?

    Another complex question - that probably has a simple answer.

    I am trying to execute a php code in my html file. It won't work at all. Doesn't even start.
    A basic example, like:

    echo "Hello There";

    Nothing happens. NOTE: This is on a real server - not my local machine.
    Full php files work, but not code islands in html.
    The server is running Linux, and PHP Version 5.2.17.

    The file I'm testing with is:
    If you look at the page source you can see what's missing.

    If I change the htm extension to php the file works.:

    Is there a different way of calling php on a Linux server,
    does the php installation have to be configured to recognize htm as a possible php code source?
    Or (horrors)
    do I have to use the php extension on every file that contains php code?
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