Hi, about 4-5 years ago I made several websites for myself and friends, I was thinking of getting back into it but I wanted to ask for an update on the current state of certain things. I wrote using HTML 4.01, and leaned towards a minimalist approach to coding, including omitting unnecessary tags (head, body, etc..). At this moment, HTML 5 is still under development, but I see that many websites use it, so how does that work as far as browser compatibility? Do they support (features of) HTML 5? And do they display HTML/CSS more consistently (are "if IE" comment tags still neccessary for most pages)? Depending on target audience obviously, but what browsers are we checking now while coding? Firefox, IE (versions?), Opera, Chrome, Safari? I also came across something called HTML 5 boilerplate, so I wanted to see some thoughts on that as well before I go into studying it and HTML 5 in more detail.