Im setting up a new blog for my course, as part of the course requirement.. Im designing my own template just to make it unique and so far everything is working perfectly

However, since we will have to add blog posts for each module we do, I want to create a "page" of blog posts for each module/unit of the course (ie. UI design, Cultural Referencing, Website management), rather than having all of my blog posts on one page.... Im figuring this is probably best done with "categories" rather than "pages", and adding each post to its relevant category?

What I would like to do is just create a bog standard list of <a> tags floated left, margin right etc (just a horizontal line of links), which refer to the categories.. For example, if i add a new category, a new link will appear, and when that link is clicked it takes the user to a page of all the blog posts inside that category...

Can anyone point me in the direction of how to do this?