Hi there,

We have a live web application that's been running successfully for 3 years. Over time, our data has become more sensitive and requires support for MySQL transactions to guarantee data to the end user.

All of our existing tables are using the MyISAM engine and we'd like to convert to InnoDB. It seems like the switch is relatively painless (just fire the queries). However, I do have a couple of questions:

  • Are there any specific kinds of queries that would need to be rewritten because of the switch to InnoDB (i.e. queries that would begin to fail because of InnoDB)?
  • Any recommendations for InnoDB tuning?
  • How much more RAM would an entire InnoDB database consume versus a predominantly MyISAM database?
  • What does InnoDB not "play friendly" with that works with ease using MyISAM, if any at all? I know full-text search doesn't exist with InnoDB.

Essentially, I don't want to crash the application because of this switch. Any pointers/tips will be much appreciated for the migration...

Thanks in advanced.