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    Adding an underline to a link that is generated by my theme.

    I am using RT-Theme 17. On my homepage I've got post excerpts that are generated by the theme, and at the end of the excerpts are "Read More" links. Screenshot of the link to which I'm referring:


    I can add an underline to these links in CSS, but then the parentheses get underlined, too, which looks sloppy and is improper. If I could access the code for these links, I could add <u> tags to the word inside the parentheses, and achieve the underline beneath the word only. However, I can't figure out where these links are generated.

    I attribute this to the fact that I don't know php whatsoever. Please advise. (Yes, I know "learn php" is the most basic solution, and I plan to, so keep the snark to a minimum, please and thank you.)


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    You'll need to open the index.php file in /themes/mytheme/ and find the WordPress loop. You'll see a Permalink function. Inside you'll find the value of that function, remove the parentheses and place them outside the <a> tag.

    Or, if you feel unsure what to do, open index.php, copy and paste the code below a function called "the_content" or "the_excerpt" and post it here (it will have a function called permalink in it).
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