I have run into a problem with lists – ordered or unordered. The answer may be simple, or it may not be possible. Unfortunately, the question is complicated.

I have a list of items. Let’s say they are questions – about a credit card – but that’s not important.
The questions are in a table with a visible border.
There should be a bullet at the beginning of each question, because some of them run into two lines and I want the beginning of the question to be clearly noticeable.

But, there is a heading for each group of questions. And (here’s the problem) I don’t want a paragraph space between the heading and the first question.

If I use the UL or OL tags, the browser inserts a blank line space after the tag.
If I use the LI tag at the beginning of each line without the UL tag, the bullets are not considered to be part of the text, and end up outside the cell.
When I pad the cell to bring the bullets inside, the headings are indented too.

Perhaps the best thing is a demonstration. I have included the Style commands in the Index file for simplicity.
Take a look at this: http://www.millard3.com/tags
Note: If you're using Firefox you might get a reset error. Just try again.