What do you think about Drop-down Menus??

A year ago - or maybe more - lots of people here at SitePoint helped me make a really nifty Drop-down Menu using *only* CSS.

Unfortunately, I stored it away, because I didn't have enough Content to utilize it?!

Now that my website and my website's Content is growing, I am thinking that a Horizontal Navigation Bar (CSS only) combined with some Drop-down Menus (CSS only) would be a great way to 1.) Group lots of Sub-Areas together, and 2.) Manage a growing amount of Content.


Also, would it be acceptable to have a User navigate to a main "Section" in my Horizontal Menu Bar (e.g. "Finance") and then when the Drop-down Menu appears, have them click on a "Sub-Section" (e.g. "Investing") and then that would launch a page which is an "index" and shows a listing of all Articles dealing with "Investing"?? (Hope that makes sense?!)