Let's say I have a form with a drop-down called 'options'

I have different forms. The list of options vary, but sometimes the same option is needed on different forms.

There are about 10 forms in all, and each one has some different and some of the same options.

Example Form 1
Attempted Call
Emailed Quote

Example Form 2
Emailed Quote
Not Interested

I figured I could create a table like this:
Code HTML4Strict:
id          parent        option
1          NULL          form1
2          NULL          form2
3          1             Working
4          1             Attempted Call
5          1             Emailed Quote
6          2             Working
7          2             Emailed Quote
8          2             Not Interested
9          2             Submitted
This might look pretty ridiculous, but at least I stopped myself and came here before going on! I'd rather not be duplicating data here, but I don't see how else to design the table. Any suggestions?