Hello Everyone,
For a long time I am searching about checklist prototype to ensure most usable website for its users: Is there any regulatory body like w3(dot)org is available in terms of design?
I have some very basic and advance concerns listed below, Please read completely before giving your reply, I am giving emphasis on business/corporate websites-
1. What is best place to put navigation if you are offering some services?
2. Home page should have what elements(like portfolio, services, case studies, Contact Us, Approach etc);
3. Should we use contact us form at home page? if yes at which area at left hand side or at RHS.
4. If we are using slider, should we limit number of image, if yes then upto how much?
5. Should sliders be used at inner pages too?
6. I see many websites have logo at top middle........ is it good?
7. How much content should be present at home page to get good visibility, how should they distributed.
8. I believe users generally scan a web page so how to make it most noticeable.
9.Best place for call to action buttons

Some times it becomes very confusing what section should go where, give me suggestions so that I can ensure both creativity and prescribed standards if any.