I feel a little silly making suggestions about your site, because you are clearly in a completely different class of web design than someone who relies on wysiwyg templates. Hats off for all the things you've done here that are completely unique and beautiful--there are many!

Here are a few thoughts, for what they're worth:

Have you considered adding a sentence or two describing your work, along with the slideshow elements? As I clicked through and saw the game, I wondered whether you had developed the game yourself, or created the graphics for it. Maybe it's just me, but I find it frustrating when I can't answer those kinds of questions, especially if I'm combing through a site and considering a purchase. I notice that you have small titles, but that information isn't visible within the slideshow, unless you click back and forth. You may prefer to keep the artistic simplicity of the graphics, assuming that potential clients will contact you with questions if they are really interested, so it may not be an issue for you at this point (you've clearly built a fairly significant client base).

Testimonials (should be spelled with an "i" on your nav tab instead of an "e")

I wonder whether "Hello, My name is Connor Peet" really does your website justice. You are starting with a canned nametag phrase, and as your visitor scrolls down, your work is unique and interesting--not predictable and generic like a name tag sticker. I appreciate the simplicity, but I think you can find a more powerful, fitting first impression.

The "What do I do?" section is a great explanation. Confident without going over the line into bragging, and very clear.

Very picky English bits on the About Me section: you don't need a hyphen for "on time," but you would use one for "co-founder."
I would omit the "and" before "soccer player," since there's another one right after it. The tone in this section is very appropriate.

Impressive site!