This is something that has been bugging me for some time now and now since the app I am creating is almost done I just wanted some input from anyone that has experience with this. Cause I do not want any trouble with the law and have to deal with lawsuits.

The app I am developing is a library app for an online game that I want to put on the market for .99 cents. I sent an email to the company stating:

"I want to make a *Name of the game* app for smartphone devices . I was wondering if I can have permission to use your pictures on it."

They then replied,

"Hello ****,

here's a link: *link to a press/media page*. Here you can find everything you're allowed to use."

Now my question here is, does this give me the right to use the pictures on the press/media page in my app fully on the market? Or was I not specific enough in my email stating that I wanted to put it on the market for profit?

Another question is, say I was to take screenshots while I am in the game for icons/picture images in sections of my app. Would this be a gray area, legal or just completely illegal?

Thank you for you time.