* All three domains and the keywords and the stats below are made up, but are similar to the actual domain/keywords I want to register. The three domains listed are already registered and I haven't done any research on those, so please advise based on the info I have provided, and the way the keywords appear in the domain, rather than the actual domain names listed.

I'm expecting nearly all traffic to come from search engines as I don't plan to use AdWords or any other marketing (this is just a simple idea for me to try out some SEO skills and monitor the results, nothing too serious).

I have done some basic research on this. Which should I register and use? (if you say all of them then please give a priority order)

* remember figures don't apply to the domains below, they apply to the actual domains/keywords I want to register, but take below as an exercise as though these were the figures/keywords. Answering this will help me make a decision.

(1) howsing.com

100 global searches for 'how sing' (Google keyword research)

allintitle: 'how sing' returns 500,000 results


(2) (a) howtosing.info OR (b) howtosing.org

1000 global searches for 'how to sing' (Google keyword research)

allintitle: 'how to sing' returns 350,000 results


I suppose the key thing is how important is .com over .info and .org?