Although I have a DSLR with a bunch of lenses, a lot of the time I want to travel light, or have a camera to hand in case a good photo opportunity arises. There are of course loads of compact cameras available, but they've got tiny sensors which make for grainy photos, especially when there is low light. Phones have of course got cameras in them nowadays but the standard of image quality is pretty bad.

Out of the blue there's been a few new cameras come out that would seem to conquer the issue of portability with high quality - Sony have come out with the RX100, large sensor (around 4x the surface area of a normal one), full manual control compact, which would appear to have almost DSLR quality in a tiny package. Anybody tried it out yet?

They've also went even further with the RX1 which is (as far as I'm aware) the first ever full-frame sensor digital camera (fixed lens fixed focal length) in a pocket size. Not cheap, but should give the other manufacturers something to compete with, other than pointless megapixel racing.